Terms & Conditions


Dear Guests,
We make every effort to provide you with the best services in a pleasant & warm atmosphere at all times. We strive for your complete satisfaction & endeavor to provide a safe & secure journey. We take utmost effort to ensure that you have a warm and a delightful holiday experience. We devote keen attention to every minute detail of your tour. At the same time we request you to follow the below terms and conditions so that we are successful in our earnest attempt to give you a hassle free and an enjoyable tour.

  • You / Passenger / Guest / Client means the person/s in whose name and/or whose behalf the Booking is made and/or whose name appears on the Booking Form, Invoices and includes every person availing the services of Journeys tours and travels.
  • We / Us / Journeys holidays refer to Journeys tours and travels.
  • Infant means a person below the age of two years.
  • Child means a person from the age of two and below the age of twelve years.
  • Independent contractor means supplier of any infrastructural facility and shall include hotel management, railways, airlines, caterers, restaurants, places of entertainment like theme parks, museums, art galleries, shipping company, railway, ferry, cruise, coach, guides, insurance providers, all sightseeing attractions companies etc, who are to provide the services to the Client.
  • Third party product means a product designed and operated by any person or concern other than Journeys tours and travels and will include hotel management, railways, airlines, caterers, restaurants, places of entertainment like theme parks, museums, art galleries, shipping company, railway, ferry, cruise, coach, guides, insurance providers, all sightseeing attractions companies etc, who are to provide the services to the Client.

Tour itinerary, tour price, departure date and hotels are subject to change. If we are aware of these changes sufficiently beforehand, we will inform you in advance. Otherwise, our tour escort or local representative will inform you of the changes on tour. In case the alternate arrangements / services made are materially superior as compared to the ones described, we may charge extra for the same.


We are travel organizers. We do not own, operate or control hotel management, railways, airlines, caterers, restaurants, places of entertainment like theme parks, museums, art galleries, shipping company, railway, ferry, cruise, coach, guides, insurance providers, all sightseeing attractions companies etc, who are to provide the services to the Client the Terms and Conditions specified by those service providers, including their payment schedule, cancellation, refund etc. shall be applicable, in addition to our Terms and Conditions. The services comprising the tours are provided by independent entities. Although we select reputed suppliers we have no direct control over such services or persons providing such services or their staff. We cannot be held responsible if the supplier does not provide the contemplated service or there is a defect or deficiency in the services provided by any supplier. Journeys tours and travels will not be liable to our clients in case of any delay, injury, death, loss of any kind or damage caused.

  • As the Client would be out sightseeing most of the time and retire to room only for the night, Journeys tours and travels selects hotels at locations, which give comfort and value for money. Hence depending on the day-to-day itinerary, the hotel may be confirmed either in the city or away from the city centre. Most hotels do not have air conditioners, room heaters or fans. Rooms are as per the specifications of the hotel.
  • Journeys tours and travels recommends that not more than 3 persons share a double room, as a triple room is normally of the same size as a double room. In case of a triple room, the third bed is usually a rollaway bed or cot.
  • A child travelling for whom without-a-bed charge has been paid would not be entitled to a separate bed in the hotel. In case with bed charge has been paid for the child and the Client decides not to avail such facility whilst on the tour, he would not be entitled to any refund. In case the Client decides to seek extra bed for the child booked on without bed basis on the tour subject to availability, then he shall be bound to pay additional amount charged to them by the concerned hotel directly.
  • In case of a request in writing at the time of booking by the Client for preference of rooms, Journeys tours and travels would take every effort for the same; however, as the hotel management does room allocation, there is no guarantee in this regard.
  • Passengers will have to abide by the check-in and checkout times of the hotels. The guests should themselves manage early arrivals and late departures.

On tour meals, which are as per the menu indicated in the itinerary are served. Journeys tours and travels, however, reserves the right to change the meal arrangement, if circumstances make it necessary to do so. Journeys tours and travels cannot guarantee a special meal / diet for the Client. If the Client misses or refrains from availing any meal arranged by Journeys tours and travels due to any reasons, there would be no refund. Where client makes a request in writing at the time of booking for a special meal / diet, Journeys tours and travels would make effort for the same, however, Journeys tours and travels shall not be held liable if the same is not provided.

  • Journeys tours and travels uses air-conditioned / air-cooled /without Air Conditioning luxury coaches/ cars as per clients requirements. The Clients shall follow the instructions of the local representative in this regard.
  • The average travelling time by coach can be approximately 8 hours a day under normal road conditions.
  • Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages, ice creams, chewing gum and snacks is strictly prohibited on coaches.
  • The Clients should not leave behind any property in the coach / car, while disembarking. Journeys tours and travels would not be responsible or liable in case of loss of such property under any circumstances.
  • No seats are reserved except the first two seats for the tour manager. We find it fair to enforce daily seat rotation. Please adhere to the instructions given by the tour manager in this regard.
  • As per the law in many countries, it is mandatory to wear a seat belt in the coach. If the client is not wearing the same, he/she will have to pay a fine to the police. Any damage or loss done to you during the travel by coach because you are not wearing a seat belt is not covered by your travel insurance.
  • Any damage caused by you to the coach for any reason whatsoever, will be paid for by you to the coach company. Journeys tours and travels will not be liable for the same.
  • If the client directly contacts the vehicle owner/driver for organizing their tour then any consequences, damages, looses, mishaps arising during the tour will be the entire responsibility of the client. The Journeys Tours and Travels will in no way be responsible for such losses or damages occurred for the client in such direct communication/liasoning with the owner or the driver for such transport.
  • For Railway booking, Journeys Tours and Travels Quote at the time of enquiry shall be for advance booking only and the confirmation of the booking seats shall apply only for advance bookings. Journeys Tours and Travels shall not be responsible for the seat reservations or confirmation of reservations on bookings made for Tatkal. Reservation and allocation of seats is in the hands IRCTC, Journeys Tours and Travels shall not be responsible for the same
  • The Client travelling by air would be subject to the airline restrictions / limitations on baggage weight / size / number. As porter is not included in the tour price and due to limited space for luggage in the coach, it is recommended that the Client should carry one single suitcase per person, preferably with wheels for sake of convenience.
  • All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances the responsibility of the Client. Journeys tours and travels shall not be liable for the loss by airline / cruise/ coach or any other carrier.
  • It is advisable that the Client does not carry valuables on the tour. However, if the Client carries any valuables, the same should preferably be kept in the Safe Deposit Lockers, that are commonly made available in most of the hotels. However, Journeys tours and travels will not be responsible for loss of valuables or for making good any such loss.
  • Your passport is the official document that is mandatory for you to travel abroad.
  • Please ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your arrival back in India.
  • Please ensure that your passport has sufficient blank pages for obtaining the required visas.
  • In case you are obtaining Schengen visa, please ensure that your passport is issued not more than 10 years ago.
  • It is entirely your responsibility to arrange, provide and carry on tour valid travel documents including Passport, with necessary Visa/s and immigration clearance (if applicable), confirmed air tickets, documents confirming insurance to cover risk to life, limb and property for the duration of the tour, medical clearances, inoculation / vaccination certificates as the case may be to be able to travel as per the tour itinerary.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to collect in time, the necessary travel documents submitted to Journeys tours and travels from its registered office.
  • Though the ticket issued to the Client for a particular sector may have confirmed status, due to overbooking of seats the airline may offload any passengers and accommodate him on a subsequent flight for which Journeys tours and travels will not be responsible.
  • If a client on an escorted tour wants to return on a date subsequent to the date on which the escorted tour ends, and in case of a client on individual tour, it shall be solely the responsibility of the Client to re-confirm the air tickets 72 hours prior to the departure.
  • Fares on Airline tickets change on everyday bases. Fares on the day of booking shall apply.
  • It is strongly recommended that you purchase an Overseas Medical and other Travel Insurance Policies to cover the risk to life, limb and property whilst on tour for the duration of the trip.
  • It may be noted that the tour cost does not include the insurance premium and that the Clients shall have to acquire the same at their cost.
  • In case if the cost of the insurance is included in the tour or you want us to obtain the insurance policy for the above purpose, such policies would be for cover for the duration of the trip and relate to persons below the age of 59 years. In case of clients above the said age and in case of clients seeking extended stay abroad, there would be additional premium payable by them. Further it would be your responsibility to produce such medical reports as might be required by the insurer. Further please note that you would have a direct contractual relation with the insurer. Journeys tours and travels is only a facilitator.
  • You have to check the accuracy and correctness of the policies so obtained and in case of any errors or lapses report the same to the Insurance Company or its representative and get the same rectified, as Journeys tours and travels would not be responsible for the same.
  • It shall be your duty to inform Journeys tours and travels in case the Client has any medical condition that may affect his ability to enjoy and pursue fully the Tour Arrangements and wherein the interest of the group or any member thereof is prejudiced. Journeys tours and travels reserves the right to ask any Client to provide written certification of his medical fitness before departure. In the event that a medical condition has not been disclosed at the time of booking the tour, Journeys tours and travels will not be liable to provide any assistance or money back.
  • We also strongly recommend you to buy travel insurance to protect your tour from cancellation due to any natural calamities, acts of nature, any extremist activities, etc.
  • The settlement of insurance claim is solely at the discretion of the Insurance company.
  • In case the visas are to be obtained by us for the clients, you shall also pay a Visa Fee as will be informed, for any of the International tours at the time of booking on tours that require visas.
  • • If the amount spent for visas including administrative charges exceeds such amount, you shall be liable to pay the difference. In the event of cancellation of the tour by either party, the said amount would be refunded (As per the cancellation policy of Journeys tours and travels) after deducting the amount spent by Journeys tours and travels including administrative charges.
  • Unless Journeys tours and travels receives the full payment, Journeys tours and travels shall not be liable to process the booking / obtain visas for the clients.
  • It is convenient and safe to have the Visa applications made to the concerned Consulates / Authorities through Journeys tours and travels. However, for certain visas including the visas for USA, UK and certain Schengen countries the Client may have to attend personal interview at their own cost.
  • As granting or rejection of visas and immigration clearance is the sole prerogative of the concerned sovereign governments, Journeys tours and travels shall neither be responsible in case of non-granting of such documents nor liable for any delay, denial or other related act/omission or for any loss, expense, damage or cost resulting there from.
  • You should ensure that you submit the relevant documents and photographs within the stipulated time as informed to you at the time of booking of the tour. Any additional information, details and documents, you possess to support the visa applications should be made available to Journeys tours and travelsJourneys tours and travels would not be responsible in any way in case any clerical error regarding names, attachment of wrong photographs, duration, type of visa (single / multiple entry) occurs in the consulate / embassy. You shall be fully responsible to check the visas, their validity, details and the correctness thereof. In the event the application for visa made by you or Journeys tours and travels on your behalf is rejected by the concerned Embassy or Authorities due to inadequate supply of documents furnished by the applicant or due to any other reason whatsoever, Journeys tours and travels shall not be liable or responsible for the same.
  • The cost of processing visas is not included in your tour price unless mentioned otherwise. The visa fee when prescribed includes the actual visa charge, cost of processing fees, the professional charges of Journeys tours and travels and overheads. Even if visas are rejected, the stipulated fees of Journeys tours and travels shall be payable by you. There would be no refund, if any one unable to travel due to the said reasons. In such cases, the non-refundable amount paid by you shall be forfeited and no claim whatsoever shall be made for the same and the cancellation schedule of Journeys tours and travels shall be applied in addition as applicable.
  • If the passports are required to be mailed for visas / POE to different cities, Journeys tours and travels would mail the passports by reputed courier. In case of loss or delay of the passport arising out of such transmission, Journeys tours and travels would not be responsible to compensate the holder for any loss whatsoever.
  • The position in respect of cancellation of tour by you due to non-availability of travel documents would not change only by virtue of your having applied for such documents through Journeys tours and travels.
  • In the event that a client is unable to travel on the tour originally booked by him, due to rejection of visas by the concerned embassy, Journeys tours and travels may in its discretion offer such client an option to postpone his tour to other available date or transfer his booking to any other tour. In such case cancellation from originally booked tour and the transfer fee for the transfer of the tour shall apply. In case the Client declines the offer, the cancellation schedule shall apply.
  • Clients are requested to check the validities of all their visas. Journeys tours and travels is not responsible / liable for any losses incurred to clients due to wrong validity of visas given by Consulate / High Commission / Respective Authorities.
  • If any visa is rejected due to non-submission of required documents in line with the norms of Consulate / High Commission / Issuing Authorities then the Booking Amount of the tour stands forfeited.

Tours specified in the brochure are subject to minimum if 35 paying participants. If the participation is below the minimum prescribed, Journeys tours and travels reserves the right to amend, vary, alter, amalgamate or cancel a tour without incurring any liabilities to pay any compensation to you. If Journeys tours and travels decides to operate the tour with participation below the minimum stipulated, Journeys tours and travelsreserves the right to collect additional pro-rata amount.

If the tour participation is below the minimum prescribed, the passengers are required to travel as individual travelers and in such a case, Journeys tours and travels reserves the right to collect the additional pro-rata amount. Passenger/s travelling as individual travelers in such cases will not be provided certain services including that of tour escorts, group activities and the passengers must travel with some amendments such as Seat In Coach Airport transfers which are available at fixed times etc.

  • Please read, understand and fully accept the complete details of your tour arrangement / itinerary / price and these Terms and Conditions for the relevant tour before signing the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions. You shall pay the non-refundable interest free booking amount as informed to you at the time of booking your tour. The Terms and Conditions, Booking Form, Payment Receipt shall be binding on our clients and shall constitute a contract between the clients and Journeys tours and travels. In case of one or more but not all the Clients signing the Booking Form / Terms and Conditions, it shall be deemed that the others have duly authorized the person who has signed, to do so. The signing of the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions by the Client or by you shall reconfirm the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained herein by the Client/s in totality.
  • There is no contract between Journeys tours and travels and the client till Journeys tours and travels has received the non-refundable booking amount in accordance with the set procedure. The booking amount just ensures a seat / participation in the tour but does not entitle any services such as air tickets, visa, hotel accommodation, until full payment is received by Journeys tours and travels.
  • The full payment must be received in accordance with the procedure laid down. If not received in time, Journeys tours and travelsreserves the right to cancel the booking leading to retaining the booking amount and applying cancellation charges as mentioned herein.
  • In case of dishonored cheques due to genuine reasons, the client is liable to pay Rs. 300 per cheque additionally. Dishonoring of cheques is a legal offence and Journeys tours and travels has the right to take legal action.
  • Journeys tours and travels reserves the right to decline to book any person/s for any tour or to cancel their booking without assigning any reason. In the event that Journeys tours and travels terminates the contract Journeys tours and travels will refund the booking amount without the payment of any interest
  • No person including the Employee/s of Journeys tours and travels or yourself have the authority to alter, amend, or waive any stipulation, representation, term or condition set forth in this document. Assurance if any, which is contrary to the terms and conditions given here shall not bind Journeys tours and travels.
  • Journeys tours and travels has the right at any time to terminate the Contract prior to the commencement of the tour without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • Journeys tours and travels has the right at any time to Amend, alter, vary or withdraw any tour, holiday excursion or facility it has advertised or published or to substitute a service by service of similar class or type if it is deemed advisable or necessary. In either of the above cases, Journeys tours and travels shall not be liable for any refund / compensation whatsoever.
  • You should produce the original passport (For Traveling Abroad) of the persons travelling at the time of booking. Along with the booking form, you shall enclose the non-refundable interest free amount.
  • It is hereby declared that the immunities provided under this contract shall be available to Journeys tours and travels. Managers including Tour Managers, Employees, Servants and Agents but not to the Independent Contractors selected by Journeys tours and travels.
  • In the event of Journeys tours and travels exercising its right to amend or alter any of the services as mentioned in the itinerary, after such a tour/holiday the passenger shall have to continue with the tour / holiday as amended or altered.

The drivers are bound by restrictions concerning maximum driving hours per day and per week, and the itineraries are planned having regard to the same. It is therefore, essential that the itineraries, schedules and timings be strictly adhered to by the Clients so as to ensure that all the services can be duly provided. If the Client misses any service due to in-punctuality, there would be no refund for the same.

  • Journeys tours and travels shall decide the prices of the respective tours from time to time and the relevant price list will be furnished to you. The said price list shall include the price of the tour payable by you to us.
  • The prices quoted on our website / brochure have been calculated at the rate prevailing at the time of publishing of the website / advertisements, Journeys tours and travels reserves the right to amend the prices published in its website and to charge accordingly in case of currency fluctuations, changes in the various gross rates of exchange, and/or fuel costs, special/high season charge levied by the suppliers, hike in the tax, hike of airline / rail charges before the date of departure. All such increases in price must be paid to Journeys tours and travels in full before the departure of the tour.
  • Tour Price is based on departure from Mumbai unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Passengers boarding flights from other places will have to pay the entire airfare and bear any additional expenses like airport transfers, hotel stay, etc.
  • Journeys tours and travels has the right at any time to Amend, alter, vary or withdraw any discounts without any prior intimation. The discount is valid for a limited period only. The discount given to passengers will be at the sole discretion of Journeys tours and travelsand may vary from client to client and for booking done on different dates of the same tour.
  • Journeys tours and travels has the right at any time to Amend, alter, vary or withdraw the discount given if the minimum registration amount is not paid at the time of booking or if the cheque given by the client is dishonored.
  • Single passengers must pay single occupancy charges if a suitable partner for twin / triple occupancy is not available. Many hotels provide single beds to passengers travelling alone.
  • Journeys tours and travels will try and find a partner for single traveller but does not guarantee the same. In case if Journeys tours and travels does not find a partner for single traveler then this single traveler will have to pay the single occupancy charges as mentioned in the pricing structure of Journeys tours and travels.
  • Payment of Euros or any foreign currency to be calculated on the prevailing rate of exchange from that foreign exchange component to INR on the day of payment to Journeys tours and travels.
  • It is entirely your responsibility to check the Tickets / Visas / Insurance Policies carefully and to let Journeys tours and travels know immediately in the event of any error.
  • It is mandatory that the Client should avail the foreign exchange component of the tour cost from Journeys tours and travels under his Basic Travel Quota entitlement. You have to pay the total tour cost component in Indian Rupees by way of a demand draft in favour of Journeys tours and travels. The Client would submit his / her request on a pre-printed Basic Travel Quota Form, which has to be completed and signed by him / her. Journeys tours and travels would forward the said form to the Authorized Dealer / Full Fledged Money Changer to release the amount of required foreign exchange to Journeys tours and travels for the cost of the tour as a part of the Basic Travel Quota of the Client.
  • Under the present guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India, all residents holding Indian passports are entitled to avail an amount not exceeding USD 10,000 or its equivalent per person in one calendar year for one or more private / leisure visits under the Basic Travel Quota. All individual travellers holding an Indian Passport are entitled to avail an amount of USD 25,000 or its equivalent per visit while travelling on business. In both the above cases the traveller cannot avail in excess of USD 2000 or its equivalent by way of cash component.

If the Client wishes to travel by his own Air Tickets, he must provide us with correct travel details. Journeys tours and travels does not take the ownership of any deviation or alteration in the plan arising due to change in airline schedule. The Clients wishing to change the date of their return journey after departure shall have to pay Change in Reservation Fee, directly to the airline, subject to availability of seats in the same booking class. This fee may range depending upon the airline and the class of booking.

  • Journeys tours and travels would be happy to provide the Client additional foreign exchange required for his personal use whilst travelling overseas. This exchange would be drawn from the balance of the Basic Travel Quota component of the Client with Journeys tours and travels.
  • The Client may take the foreign exchange for personal use partly in currency, partly in travellers cheques. Travellers cheques are a safe way to carry money as they are easily encashed for a small service fee and can be replaced if they are stolen or lost, provided the Client has the lost travellers cheque numbers and the counterfoil subject to the rules applicable.
  • If the tour or any part thereof cannot be conducted due to Force Marjeure or Vis Marjeure, Journeys tours and travels shall not be responsible to give any refund to the Client. However, it may at its sole discretion to give the refund based on various factors like the number of participants, the cancellation policies of suppliers like hoteliers, coach operators, etc. The decision of Journeys tours and travels on the quantum of refund shall be final.
  • Refunds (if any) would be paid to you directly by Journeys tours and travels.
  • It would take at least 45 days to process the refund (if due). In case of refund of foreign currency component, the said refund shall be made in Indian Rupees only at the prevailing buying rate on the date of refund as per existing rules and regulations.
  • It is clearly understood that there shall be no refund whatsoever if the Client does not or cannot utilize any of the services like hotels, sightseeing, rides, cruises, meals, entrance fees, optional tours etc due to any reason whatsoever.
  • As we book services in advance and are bound to honour the commitments with respect to payment to the suppliers, cancellation of the tour attracts certain charges as mentioned hereunder.
  • If the Client wants to cancel the tour, he must intimate Journeys tours and travels in writing mailed to us at our office address on working days within office time. If one or more persons have signed the Booking Form for themselves and for others mentioned in the form, communication signed by such signatories would be treated as valid communication for cancellation for all such persons mentioned in the form. The computation of the period of notice of cancellation shall commence only from the time the written request reaches the Journeys tours and travels office on working days within office time. In case of cancellation, the following cancellation charges would apply


Clear 60 working days or more prior to the date of departure of the tour. : BOOKING AMOUNT
Clear 50 working days prior to the date of departure of the tour. : 75 % of the tour cost
Clear 45 working days prior to the date of departure of the tour. : 80% of the tour cost
Clear 40 working days prior to the date of departure of the tour. : 90% of the tour cost
If the client does not show up on the tour 100% of the tour cost


  • In addition to the above, in case of cancellation of tour by either party, the amount spent by Journeys tours and travels on visas, medical or travel insurance, POE including administrative charges would be payable by the Client. If the total cancellation charges mentioned above exceeds the amount paid by the Client, the balance amount would be payable by the Client.
  • In case of Third Party Products, the rules relating to cancellation and the cancellation schedule prescribed by the concerned Third Party Service Provider would be applicable and in addition Journeys tours and travels shall have the right to claim service and communication charges. It is a clear understanding between the parties that for the purpose of this clause cancellation can be due to any reason whatsoever including the reason of inability to participate due to any reason including illness, death, court orders, non-availability of travel documents etc.
  • In case of a death of any passenger after booking the tour and before the date of departure of the tour, the legal heir of the passenger/s need to submit the death certificate of the passenger/s to Journeys tours and travels. Cancellation policies as mentioned above are applicable in the event of death as well. The person claiming the refund for the tour booked by the now deceased passenger/s has to prove to Journeys tours and travels that he/she is the legal heir of such passenger/s by showing original documents like the death will of the deceased passenger / any other government authorized document proving the same. Refund if any will be given only to the legal heir of the deceased, by an account payee cheque.
CANCELLATION OF THE TOUR BY Journeys tours and travels:
  • In the event that Journeys tours and travels cancels a particular tour, we shall refund the booking amount to you after deducting the expenses incurred by us on visa, insurance premium, POE charges, railway cancellation charges, airline cancellation charges and other overheads as applicable. Journeys tours and travels shall not be liable to pay any compensation, interest or damages to you, in any case.
  • In the event of Journeys tours and travels exercising its rights to amend or alter any tour or holiday advertised in their website after such tour or holiday has been booked but prior to departure, the Client shall have the option to continue with the tour or holiday as amended or altered or to accept any alternative tour or holiday, which Journeys tours and travels may offer.
  • In either of these above cases Journeys tours and travels shall not be liable to the Client for any damage, additional expenses, consequential loss suffered by him / her or to pay any amount as refund.

A transfer from the originally booked tour to another tour will be treated as cancellation on the booked tour and a fresh booking on the other tour. All cancellation charges stated herein will apply. Tour price during the time of the fresh booking will be applicable.


Journeys tours and travels shall not be responsible and / or liable for any damages caused to the Client due to reasons beyond the control of Journeys tours and travels (Force Marjeure / Vis Marjeure). Journeys tours and travels shall, in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the Client in case of:

  • Any loss of life, limb or property, sickness, delay, discomfort, additional expenses incurred by the Client, consequential loss and/or damage or any kind suffered by client howsoever caused arising out of any act, omission, default of any Independent Contractor or by any servant or agent employed by the Independent Contractor or third person who may be engaged or concerned in the provision of accommodation, meals, transportation, entertainment, refreshment or any other service comprising the tour package.
  • Temporary or permanent loss / damage to baggage / personal effects howsoever caused, which also includes willful negligence on the part of any person.
  • Failure on the part of airline to accommodate passengers despite having confirmed tickets or cancellation or change of route or delay of flights.
  • Airline not allowing the tour participant to board the flights for reasons beyond the control of Journeys tours and travels.
  • Any change in flight schedule or cancellation / delays of tour due to airlines going bankrupt, airline staff being on strike, airport closure, war, political or religious unrest epidemics, meals not being served, any overstay expenses due to delay or changes in air, bus, ship, train or cancellation of special bogie or other services due to sickness, weather, earthquake, riots, fire, any natural calamities, any activities of nature, any extremist activities, political or religious unrest, epidemic or any other causes whatsoever and under such / similar situation arising on tour any expenses incurred towards the hotel accommodations, meals, transfers, medicines, porterage and anything else of passengers will be borne by the passengers themselves.
  • Sightseeing missed or / and the program being curtailed after commencement of the tour and before the due period due to any unavoidable circumstances and any reasons beyond our control such as political causes natural calamity, monument under renovation, heavy rush at sightseeing places, public or national holidays, road traffic, congestion etc. All such loss / expenses will be borne by the client.
  • In any case, no liability on the part of Journeys tours and travels arising in any way out of this contract in respect of any tour, holiday, excursion facility shall exceed the total amount paid for the tour holiday, and shall in no case include any consequential loss or additional expense whatsoever.
  • The custody and responsibility of passport, air tickets and luggage will be with individual passengers. If it is lost, he/she has to bear all expenses to get duplicate travel document/ s or duplicate air ticket/s. the tour leader will be available for your guidance but it will not be mandatory for him/her to accompany the passenger/s for visits to High Commission / Police Station / Airline office and so on. All expenses to get duplicate documents including fees and transport charges will be paid by the concerned client. Journeys tours and travels cannot be held liable for incidents beyond its control. Any claims for accident, medical problems suffered during the tour, theft, personal liability etc. will not be entertained. Certain such or similar risks are covered in the Travel Insurance (optional) and shall be settled directly by client with the insurance company. As insurance is a contract between insurance agent and client, Journeys tours and travels is not liable towards any claim or rejection of claim arising out of such contract. Journeys tours and travels is not liable to pay for any service other than that mentioned in tour itinerary and agreed upon by both parties.

If any guest has any complaint in respect of services provided by any of the independent contractors, the guest shall immediately notify the same to the independent contractor in writing and a copy thereof shall be handed over to the tour escort, to enable the Company to take up the matter with the independent contractor. Any claim or complaint by the guest must be notified to the Company in writing within 7 days after the tour completion date. No claim notified to the Company beyond this period will be entertained and the Company shall incur no liability in respect thereof.


Law prevalent in India is applicable and as a part of the cause of action arises in Pune and Journeys tours and travels has its Registered Office in Pune, it is agreed between the parties that in the event of a dispute or difference between the parties the exclusive jurisdiction shall vest in court / forum / tribunal in Pune alone having jurisdiction to decide the matter.

  • The Client would have to strictly follow the Tour Program and return back to destination as per the validity of the air ticket. There shall be no refund, if the Client fails to join at the commencement of the tour, or joins the tour later or leaves the tour before culmination. It be noted that for all purposes, it shall be the responsibility of the Client to reach the place of commencement of the tour and register with the representative of Journeys tours and travels at the appointed place, date and time. Those clients who do not travel throughout the tour shall under no circumstances be entitled to any refund. In case a client along with his companions is compelled to discontinue the tour due to any reason whatsoever including injury, illness, death or loss of passport or any travel documents, no claim shall be entertained for refund of money paid for unutilized services. If a client is unable to reach the place of commencement of the tour due to any reason whatsoever, his booking shall be treated as no show on the tour and 100% cancellation charges would be levied. If a client avails pre – tour services or part thereof, or the air tickets (cost of which is included in the main tour cost) but fails to join the tour at the appointed place, or cancels the tour after using the air tickets or pre tour arrangements or part thereof, it shall be treated as no show and there would be no refund whatsoever for the unutilized pre-tour or main tour services.
  • The Clients shall not behave in a manner which may cause distress or annoyance to other co-travellers or which may create the risk of danger or damage to property of Journeys tours and travels, the co-travellers or others. Journeys tours and travels shall be under no liability to any such person.
  • Journeys tours and travels will make reasonable attempt to accommodate the special needs of disabled travelers / senior citizens if informed at the time of booking but Journeys tours and travels is not responsible in the event of being unable to do so, nor is it responsible for any denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants, airlines or other suppliers. Most transportation services are not equipped with the wheelchair ramps. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to a tour member for walking. Dining, getting on and off motor coaches and other transportation vehicles or other personal needs. A qualified companion must accompany travelers who need such assistance.
  • Journeys tours and travels reserves the right to publish the clients photograph or a group photograph taken during the tour on their website or brochures.
  • Tours are subject to RBI / Government of India approval.
  • Closed groups / Jain special tour / any group having less than 30 passengers will be merged with any other available tour, which will subsequently lead to a change in itinerary and other program.
  • The clients signature on the booking form and / or paying the registration amount proves the clients acceptance in totality of the Terms & Conditions contained herein. In case of one or more but not all passengers signing the booking form, it shall be deemed that the others whose names are mentioned in such booking form have duly authorized the clients who has signed such booking form on their behalf to accept such Terms & Conditions mentioned here in totality
  • Each and every client booked on the tour of Journeys tours and travels has to inform Journeys tours and travels about pre-existing disease/s if any at the time of booking any tour.

Force Majeure’ means an event or circumstance not within the control, directly or indirectly, of Journeys Tours & Travels in its ability to perform its obligations/ responsibilities regarding the tour, including

  • war, hostile invasion, act of foreign enemies.
  • rebellion, revolution, terrorism, insurrection, or civil war.
  • political unrest, government orders, riots, commotion, disorder, curfews, strikes, lockdowns etc.
  • any act or omission of any government instrumentality.
  • a change in legal requirements.
  • infectious diseases, epidemic, pandemic.
  • explosion, fire, flood, drought, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, tempest, typhoon, cyclone, snowstorm, thunderstorm, landslides and other exceptional natural calamities and acts of God.
  • ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel/ waste or radioactive toxic explosive of any nuclear assembly.
  1. Mandatory Health Requirement:
  2. Guests must abide by the mandatory requirements for travel to the destination, such as Vaccination, RT-PCR tests, RAT, web check-in, self-declaration, e-pass formalities, health checks on arrival/ on tour etc. as per the state or country. These requirements or regulations are subject to change periodically. Any cost incurred for such requirements should be borne by the guests. It will be the sole responsibility of the guest to carry the certificate or test report with them and present it whenever asked for by the officials. Any State or Country or service provider such as Airline, Cruise Company, Railway may decline the entry to a guest/s on medical grounds in such a situation the consequences including all kinds of expenses will be borne by the guest. Please note if a guest is covid positive there will be no refund whatsoever.


Privacy of Information:
Any Information furnished by the guest/s to the tour escort/leader/ Manager / Assistant and/or Journeys is subject to disclosure thereof as required by law or by an order of a court or the rules, regulations, and inquiry by any government / statutory authority. The company shall not disclose any data of its own under any circumstances to any guest/s including any kind of clarification on itinerary, tour costs, cancellation charges, etc.

Government rules for NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Guest:

All guest/s staying abroad including NRIs or foreigners should abide by all the laws, rules, regulations of the Government of India and/ or the country concerned while undertaking the tour.

Photographs or Video Clips:

Photographs or Video Clips: Company reserves the right to use Photographs / Video Clips of the guest taken on tour and/ or given by the guest, for promotion of  Business without obtaining prior permission of the concerned guest. Such Photographs / Video Clips can be used on ANY form of media with due respect for the emotions/sentiments of guest/s.

Reference Call:

The company reserves the right to refer the guest, on request, to a prospective guest for promotion of business. Further Company is authorized to send transactional as well as promotional sms/e-mail/phone calls.

Domestic Tours:

Same terms and conditions shall apply to all the domestic tours with regards to the booking and cancellation policies. If the car or any transportation is booked for the tour from the Journeys Tours and Travels will only be responsible for the booking procedures. Any mishap or conditions faced during the travel will not be the responsibility of the Journeys Tour and Travels. The client have to take due care during the travel and tour. 10% of the booking amount will be forfeited if the booked vehicle is canceled by the client for any reasons. If the clients have booked their own transportation for the tour then the Journeys Tours and Travels will not be responsible for it in anyways be it delays in journey or cancellations or losses of any manner.


Cancellation and Refund Policy


Same terms and conditions shall apply to all the domestic tours with regards to the booking and cancellation policies. For any tour or package the services are booked or blocked several months in advance, cancellation of such services earmarked for a particular departure result in forfeiture of money depending upon the time of cancellation of services with the supplier. Therefore, any cancellation of the tour/ service booked, will attract cancellation charges as specified hereinafter. Your tour also includes third party product or service like airline, cruise, railway, transport, hotel, restaurant, caterer, sightseeing company etc., the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy of such third party would be applicable in addition to Journeys Tours & Travels Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The said Cancellation Policy is applicable to all guests of ‘Journeys Tours & Travels’. booked for Group Tours, Customized Holidays, MICE Tours, Inbound Holidays or any independent service taken from Journeys Tours & Travels.

The request for cancellation of any service/ tour must be submitted in writing, clearly stating the reason for cancellation via email to Journeys Tours & Travels at registered email id from guest’s registered email ID.

Once the booking is canceled, it cannot be reinstated. Any reversal/ re-booking will be treated as fresh booking and additional charges will apply.

All guests expressly agree to the foregoing policy and terms.

Cancellation done by/ for/ due to:

a) Guest cancels the tour due to any personal reason:

After booking guests may have any personal reason like non sanction of leave, exam postponement, illness, family emergency or reasons not mentioned above etc which leads to cancellation of their tour/ package will not be accepted and there will be no refund, and the cancellation charge will be applicable accordingly.

Considering the safety of the tourists, Journeys Tours & Travels is compelled to postpone/ reschedule the tour under force majeure situation or due to uncontrollable factors at the destination, however guest/s do not wish to continue and cancel the tour:

  1. Journeys Tours & Travels reserves the right to cancel/ postpone/ re-schedule any tour under force majeure situation like natural calamity, epidemic, pandemic, terrorist activities, political unrest, curfews, local riots, government orders etc. or uncontrollable factors like airline operation/ schedule change, disruption due to political/ sports/ local/ VIP event etc. at the destination considering the safety of the tourists.
  2. Under any such force majeure situation/ uncontrollable factors, no refund – fully or partially will be applicable. If there is any price difference for the future tour, guests will have to pay the same before the tour departure.
  3. To reschedule the tour in force majeure situation/ uncontrollable factors, Journeys Tours & Travels will send the request to all the concerned associates like airlines, hoteliers, transporters etc. for their cooperation and assistance in postponement of the services. In case these associates are not able to consider the request, then actual cancellation charges will apply.
  1. For the betterment of the itinerary or under unforeseen situation, Journeys Tours & Travels reserves the right to add/ delete/ exchange the sightseeing place/s or any other service and on this ground, guest will not be able to withdraw from the tour.
  2. In this case if the additional sightseeing or service requires extra charge then it will have to be paid by the guest.
  3. If any guest is not willing to accept the said change, then guest will have to cancel the tour and cancellation charges as per the Cancellation Policy will be applicable.

b) Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s booking stands canceled due to visa rejection/ delay:

  1. Rejection/ delay of visa will lead to deemed cancellation and the booking will stand canceled without any intimation or confirmation from the Guest.
  2. Visa rejection date will be considered as the date of cancellation and the cancellation charge will be applicable accordingly.
  3. Guest can re-apply by paying additional visa charges, however, granting of visa is at the discretion of the respective Consulates and Journeys Tours & Travels will not be responsible for the same.
  4. If visa is not granted even for the second time, the cancellation charge will be based on the date of the rejection of the second visa application.
  5. If no intimation of visa (granted/ rejected) is received from the respective consulate/ embassy before the tour departure, then it is considered as deemed cancellation and cancellation charge will be applicable.
  6. if visa of an individual in a group is rejected or delayed and the rest of the group cancels the tour then cancellation charges as mentioned in the Cancellation Policy shall be applicable to the entire group.
  7. When visa is received from consulate, it’s copy is sent to the guest via email by Journeys Tours & Travels, however sometimes consulates dispatch the passports directly to the guest’s residence. In both the cases it is the responsibility of the guest to check the visa sticker/visa copy and verify that the personal details and visa validity is accurate. Due to any incorrect details, if the immigration office does not allow the guest to leave or enter the country, then Journeys Tours & Travels will not be responsible for any refund / losses / consequences.
  8. In certain cases, where air ticket/ visa is processed more than 91 days in advance, there along with regular tour cancellation charges, additional actual charges on account of air/visa fees will be applicable.

c) Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s booking stands cancelled due to the non-payment of partial/ full tour price:

  1. Guest is required to pay full tour price at the time of booking/ 60 days prior to the tour departure date. If the payment is not received during the mentioned time frame, then Journeys Tours & Travels reserves the right to cancel the booking without any written notification from the guest and forfeit the paid amount.
  2. In such case, Journeys Tours & Travels cancellation notice date will be treated as the deemed cancellation date and cancellation charges will apply as per the Cancellation Policy.

d) Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s booking stands cancelled due to ‘No show’ or absence on Day 1 of the tour:

  1. If any guest fails to join the tour on day one, it is termed as ‘No Show’ and will be treated as deemed cancellation and no refund will be applicable.
  2. All services will stand cancelled, and 100% cancellation charges will be applicable, unless the guest notifies Journeys Tours & Travels about joining the same tour later at their own expense.

e) Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s tour stands cancelled due to discontinuation from  ongoing tour:

  1. If Guest discontinues/ terminates the tour for any personal reason, it is termed as deemed cancellation and no refund will be applicable.
  2. Journeys Tours & Travels team will assist the guest to book the required services, however all expenses for the same will have to be paid by the guest immediately in advance.


          Right of Admission and Termination:

  1. Journeys Tours & Travels reserves the right to deny any booking or cancel the accepted booking of any guest without divulging any reason or giving any justification.
  2. Journeys Tours & Travels reserves the right to terminate the tour of any guest while on tour if the guest does not follow the group tour decorum or misbehaves/ create nuisance to the co-passengers/ Tour Manager/ coach captain/ local citizens/ officials etc. Under such circumstance guest will have to make arrangements for their return travel on their own and no refund is applicable.

Merging of Tours:

  1. Journeys Tours & Travels reserves the right to merge two or multiple tours when there is inadequate participation of the guests in a single tour or for any operational reason. Seat allocation in the coach will happen as per the booking date priority of the merged tours.



  1. Journeys Tours & Travels reserves the right to determine the quantum of refund payable to the guest in case of cancellation, transfer or amendment of the tour. Refund is calculated on the basis of various factors such as the cancellation date, reduction in tour capacity, contractual agreement and cancellation policies of associates like airlines, hoteliers, transporters etc. The decision given by Journeys Tours & Travels on the quantum of refund according to the Cancellation Policy shall be final and will be paid directly to the guest.
  2. As per GOI regulations any refund from Journeys Tours & Travels for both, Indian or International tours will be paid only in Indian rupees by A/C payee cheque/ NEFT/RTGS, even if guest has made the tour payment partly or fully in foreign currency.
  3. Refund is always processed in the name of the family head marked on the booking form or in case of ad-hoc/corporate group it may be in the name of the institution/company who has made the payment on behalf of the group.
  4. Journeys Tours & Travels is not liable to pay any interest on the tour amount paid by the guest/s.
  5. Convenience Charge for the payments made by Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Transfer etc., is non-refundable.
  6. Tax Collected at Source (TCS) for international tours is non-refundable as it is deposited with the income tax department and recorded on guest’s registered PAN. TCS once paid cannot be reversed, however can be claimed by the guest while filing their annual Income Tax Returns.
  7. In case of force majeure/ uncontrollable situation Journeys Tours & Travels reserves the right to levy non-refundable ‘tour transfer charge’ or ‘service charge’ for standalone service.
  8. For FIT/Customized packages, Holiday Design Fee charged at the time of enquiry is non-refundable in case guests do not book the holiday with Journeys Tours & Travels. When tour price includes visa fee and if consulate/ VFS/ embassy procedure requires visa fee payment directly by the guest.
  9. When tour price includes visa fee and guest holds a valid visa for the tour, they are required to submit the visa copy at the time of booking. In case of unforeseen circumstances if tour reschedules then guest will have to get the visa done according to the new schedule and bear the costs of the same.

I have read and accept the above terms & Conditions and I on behalf of my family members and myself and all whose names are mentioned on the booking form agree to abide by the same.