In Muscat’s Grand Mosque, there is a beautiful hand-loomed carpet; it was once the world’s largest rug until Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque, in the United Arab Emirates, pinched the record. This is poignant because Oman doesn’t boast many ‘firsts’ or ‘biggests’ in a region bent on grandstanding. What it does boast, with its rich heritage and embracing society, is a strong sense of identity, a pride in an ancient, frankincense-trading past and confidence in a highly educated future.

For visitors, this offers a rare chance to engage with the Arab world without the distorting lens of excessive wealth. Oman’s low-rise towns retain their traditional charms and Bedouin values remain at the heart of an Omani welcome. With an abundance of natural beauty, from spectacular mountains, wind-blown deserts and a pristine coastline, Oman is the obvious choice for those seeking out the modern face of Arabia while wanting still to sense its ancient soul.


Dull but essential passport. As an Indian Citizen, you need a pre-approved visa for travel for Oman. All passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival.

Best time to go (Hit the ground at the right time)

Jan–FebMuscat Festival brings cultural shows and shopping to the capital.

Jul–AugSalalah Tourism Festival celebrates the rainy season in southern Oman with entertainment and shopping.

Nov–MarBalmy temperatures herald the high season for tourism.

Legal matters Local laws to watch out for

Non-Muslims travelling by air can bring in two bottles of wine or spirits.
A ‘reasonable quantity’ of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco can be imported.
It is illegal to bring in banned substances of any kind and penalties for possession are severe.
Breaking the law can have severe consequences.

Money and costs (Budgets, currency rates and on-the-ground costs)
3N / 4D Oman package starting from USD 350 only!!!

Capital: Muscat
Dialing code: +968
Currency: Omani rial
Official language: Arabic